Member of International Seed Federation (ISF)

Florpak has been selling seeds of trees, shrubs and herbaceous by mail-order for several years. Our offer consists of more than 700 species and varieties of seeds of leafy trees and shrubs, conifers and herbaceous and grasses.

Special sale offer!

 For all of you who submit the contract in excess of $ 100
until 31 December 2016 we prepared a 5% discount *. In addition:

  • Orders valued at over $ 300 - 6% discount * 
  • When the contract with a value above $ 1000 - 10% discount *

(* - Discounts are not subject to the summation)

Today, our range includes seeds:

  • woodland - 160 species and varieties of fir, spruce, pine, daglezji, cedars, choin.
  • leaved - more than 450 species and varieties of maples, birches, magnolia and many others.
  • foreign stalk - more than 140 species and varieties.
  • ornamental grasses - most more than a dozen species of grasses.

Our seeds are imported from China, Japan, the United States, Russia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Hungarian ... All have required phytosanitary certificates and seedlings grown from them superbly abolish the requirements of the Polish climate. .

If you are interested in our product assortment - please obtain our price list, which is always available in late September and October. Our regular customers receive a price list without further orders, while new customers receive a price list after having his contract.

If you want to place an order for seeds, please send them to:

  • Mail address:
    FLORPAK sp. z o.o.
    Młynki 131 B
    24-130 Końskowola
  • mobile phone: +48 500 40 33 35
  • phone: +48 81 881 73 26
  • fax: +48 81 881 72 12
  • e-mail:

We hope that our offer will be of your interest. We look forward to the contract and would like to join both customers and producers and suppliers of seeds.