About us

Nursery-garden material

Florpak branch in Młynki specializes in the manufacture and sale of bush roses. During 17 years on the market of nursery-garden material make themselves known as a company that fulfils the expectations of its customers. Each year, expanding to offer new varieties characterized by diversity of colors, fine fragrances smell, interesting habits and high health, which allows their broad application.

Apart from the bushes of roses we offer also other material:

  • ornamental tree,
  • ornamental shrubs,
  • hedgerow plants,
  • fruit trees,
  • fruit shrubs,
  • woodland plants.

Fulfilling the requirements of the market we offer different ways of packaging plant material that could be attractive to garden centres, warehouses and supermarkets.

Alongside the still evolving domestic sales an important part of our business is exports. Our constant presence in the demanding markets of western Europe - Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany - certifies the highest quality of our material. We work with Russia, Ukraine Estonia and even Caribbean.

Branch has the expertise required for the cold storage of nursery-garden material during the winter, which allows to avoid frost damage and supplies customers in the early spring.

We invite you to review our offer and purchases, providing professional and good service.